Bachelor of Theology

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  • Students: 1
  • Duration: 10 weeks

* Any Baptized Christian with relevant ministerial experienced can Join *

  • Bachelor of Theology – B.Th.

1. Introduction to Old Testament MS 01

2. Introduction to New Testament MS 02

3. Comparative Religions Part 1 AS 01

4. Evangelism & Church Planting AS 02

5. Teaching & Preaching CS 01

6. Covenant & Commandment MS 03

7. Repentance & Baptism MS 04

8. Comparative Religions Part 2 AS 03

9. Christian Leadership AS 04

10. Pastoral Epistles CS 02

11. Church History AS 05

12. Church and Sacraments MS 05

13. Order of services AS 06

14. Christianity & Its Roll in India Assignments AS 07

15. Assignments CS 03

AS – Allied Subject (7)
MS – Main Subject (5)
CS – Core Subject (3)

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