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A “ Council of Godly Elders” – from the 70 who accompanied Moses to confront Pharaoh, all through the ages to the New Testament Jerusalem Council in Act 15 and beyond – have been the great leaders of God’s people, the “ Councilors”, the advisors of and to God’s People. These are the people who help us guide the Ministries of the Divine Hands International University ( DHIU). Which includes Divine Hands International Ministries. Their advise has scriptural Authority rather than Legal Worldly Authority. Thus we make decisions from their trusted advise and not by a Corporate Board of Administrators.

( Jesus didn’t sacrifice His Life for denominations, Didn’t start any or never approved of followers starting competing, criticizing, condemning and confusing denominations and commonly do. Jesus started “ A Church “ – ” His Church” and He called it “ My Church and that’s all He ever started,…all He ever guaranteed to build,… all He ever guaranteed to be “ Indestructible,..that His Church will Assault the gates of Hell itself and Hell will not prevail !. Any para church organization that is not under the authority of the church of Lord Jesus Christ is not Scriptural, No matter how big or popular the Organization is.)

Note of Understanding

Like wise , we do not seek the worldly permission to be “ Allowed “ to start local churches or their ministries, nor worldly approval , appreciation or acceptance. But have Association with many organizations. First, we seek thy presence and permission then we follow the Law of the Land. So, dear fellow – laborer instead of fancy worldly secular titles, we are Family, Brothers/ Sisters/Ministers/Deacon/ Elders/Soul winners/Teachers/ Pastors/Evangelists/Apposles/Missionaries/Bishops/Scribes/ Doctors(Philosophers). Please don’t be offended.

We reject all forms of secular worldliness, worldly terminologies, worldly models and renounce all “ Looking Toward Sodom” for worldly wealth programs and approval, whatever that may be. We believe God gave to all of humanity – through the word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ – the Legal and governmental structure He wanted us to have for the home, the church, the community and the nations.

About Images